Samstag, 27. August 2016

3 years of bondora investing

In august 2013 my wife shared bondora too. Most of portfolio management was made by me, trying other investment strategie. Let's have a look on the results:

  • Performance looks great, "You are in position 7 amongst the investors based on your return rate. Investors who have invested minimum 10000€ are taken into account.These investors have invested minimum over a period of 36 months."
  •  We invested some 6k€ there, adding no more money sice over a year. But all cash coming back was soon reinvested.
  • Never used the new portfolio manager since you couldn't choose country etc.
  • Not buying much on 2nd market maybe 25% of total investment.
  • Not spending too much time maybe an hour a week.
As in my other portfolio there are lots of defaulted loans and so the ROI won't be over 20%.
(grey: repaid, green: current, yellow/orange: overdue, red: defaulted).
But still a very good performance even after taxes.

Averaged interest rate is 29%, most investments are estonian. ROI would be even 5% better if we had avoided slovakian an spanish loans.

In 2016 I only invested in estonian loans. I bid manualy but using API. Performance is rather good:
Only 2% of 4500€ are defaulted and 250€ in overdue. About 300€ interests have been paid.
Average interest rate i still 28.5%,  most loans C-E (some 22% each). I sold some loans after they had been in overdue without discount.
If you look at the loanbook overview on it seems to be pretty good. I use the Oktaeder score vor estonian loans.

Recovery works great and is about 35% of the total defaulted principal amount.

So investing in bondora seems to be a good deal but risky. As a beginner I would start very slowly an prefere Estateguru or Mintos. But knowing the rules of the p2p lending game bondora brings best performance.

You can use the free plugin for firefox to see more statistics of your loans and try bidding by API.

I hope that the frequent changes of bondora's website and their rules of fees and more will stop now. There was not much improvement on the lenders site. 

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