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 Bondora is an estonian P2P lending platform, where you can invest your money starting with 5€ (if you use to register you will get your first 5€ for free).
You can earn up to 15% ROI but you have to be cautiously if you start because some of the numbers are missleading and the automatic portfolio manager will buy you a lot of junk loans. So the best way to start is to buy manually on 2nd market or using API on first market. Buy loan from spain only if you know exactly what you are doing.

The app familiy

I coded a couple of firefox plugin based apps to handle Bondora. All of them are writen in javascript and capturing a non existing Bondora's page building ther own content and functionality.
There is a free version available and more pewerfull sponsored versions as well.

  1. Box of Bondora: Show and evaluate own loans, make 10€ bids on 1st market manually...
  2. 1st market bot: make automatic bids to loans on primary market using self-defined rules
  3. 2nd market bot (no free version)

The first market bot

Since end of 2016 loans on first market are no more available by bondora's own website. You can get those only by using their portfolio manager or using API. So if you aren't a coder yourself their are not many ways to get i.g. only estonian loans.

I builded the apps for my privat use, so I did't want to setup a webbased service. It is not necessary for me, the bot works when my pc is running and that is a pretty part of the day.

First you have to login to bondora. Than setup your own rule (up to 4 in the free version). You can easy edit the buildin samples. Use config and Edit rules. Import your rules after editing and they will be saved in local storage for the next time you open your browser. Start the job.

Rules are looking like this:
 You have to stay exactly in the given syntax (order is not relevant).
In Country you can define all countries a bid should be made "Country": ["FI","ES"]...
Some for Rating and home. See for the details of possible values.

max/minAmount is the amount of the loan and so on. In bids define what bids should be mad if the complete rule becomes true. You can make a single or (only in the sponsored version) multiple bids as well.

If a rule matches all the other rules where ignored and on the same day this very user will not be checked any more. So there should not be more bids than you wanted.

If a bid was made it is unfortunately rather unsure if it will be accepted. You can look in your offer book to see your bids and how they did:

 Failed - you are out. Accepted - just made and in progress. Open - you will be in if the loan is taken and successfull.

On the right panel all your bids are logged.

By doubleclicking on "About" you can start a debug mode to see how loans come in and how your rules are evaluated.

Firefox: You can download the plugin for free. There is absolutly no warrenty and all use is in your own risk.
Chrome:you have to contact me if you want an experimental version.

There will be a sponsored version soon allowing more criteria and as much rules as you like.
If you want to get a donator, get this version by sending an voucher of 10€ or whatever you like to give for an about 50h coding work to and I will send you a link or code to extend your free version to the donator's one.

Some hints:
- you can easy sell unwanted loans if you set markup to 0 (can change every day ;) )
- bids on AA-B are much more often bidden out by portfolio manager
- if you bid on higher amounts the chance will be better
- you won't get many loans if there is much money in the market from 15-18 of a month.
- you can use decimal numbers as 17.5 for the minimum interest.

You can start the plugin by pressing the new icon or using the dummy-Urls

Additional features of the sponsored version:
- make more than one bid per rule at once
- as much rules as you want
- new criteria: NewCreditCustomer 0/1; VerificationType [1,2,3,4] ; minFreeCash; min/maxDebtToIncome; min/maxExpectedLoss; min/mxExpectedReturnAlpha home

If you need more, please contact me. See /doc/ResourceModel?modelName=Auction&v=1 
what would be possible at all. (there will not be a debug mode for additional selectors).

There is a test mode for each rule now too. Just add a ,"test": true into the rule you only wanna test.



1. Bondora canceled some fields like Freecash. These are removed.
2. New field: "timer": 100 use it in any rule to control the search intervall. Default is 120 (seconds). You have to wait 120s until it works.
3. Some code improvements.

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  1. Hallo,

    ich suche seit einiger Zeit nach einem Tool, mit dem ich Kaüfen auf dem Primärmarkt nachhelfen kann. Die Standardtools von Bondora selbst investieren meeega langsam, da wird man ja fast wahnsinnig.

    Wäre es möglich, eine Chrome Version des Tools zu bekommen?

  2. Ich muss dich enttäuschen, da läuft im Moment auch nichts.