Box Of Bondora (about my plugin in english)

A great helper for my investing in bondora is the plugin I wrote for firefox using java scripting. It is available for download (free version including API). Donators will get an extended version and support as well.

There is a new version from May 2017 now. If you have donated before just weite me a mail to get the new code to upgrade to sponsor version.

Bondora changes their interface very often. So it may be that some of the APP's featurs don't work after such changes. There is no way to fix it every week and send all sponsors a new version for 10€ a lifetime. But if you are a sponsor and need a fix please feel free to contact me. 

You can download the handbook to learn more. It's a real great deal (and more than 5000 JS code lines...). The newest handbook is yet only available in german.

Donations can be made by amazon vouchers or paypal.
Contact me hx23 [at] go4more [.] de.

Plugin is signed now so no more warnings by firefox occur.

 Old version manipulating bondora's own website had become useless with the last design changes, So the newest plugin versions only use API functions.

Some pictures:


All detail information for investment or market loan can be shown:

  • Absolutely no worranty
  • Use it on your own risk
  • Login only on bondora's page
  • None of your data will be stored outside your computer
  • Tokenkey is only stored for session and will be cleared by closing your window/logout.

6 Kommentare:

  1. Hi, can the API be used to buy on the secondary market?

  2. Could sponsors get access to the 2nd market buy functionality? Under which conditions?

  3. 2nd market is not included in sponsor's version.
    So you have to make a special deal with the author. If this would be possible is not only a question of the price but although what you exactly wanna do.

  4. Secondary market is supported by another 3rd party service called BeePlus -