Dienstag, 5. Januar 2016

Using bondora's API

Starting in the first days of December 15 I'm using more and more the API framework to do my investments on bondora.

I use the "bondora's box" plugin for firefox I developed the last years, programing in javaScript without using a web server but only staying on bondora's pages and using "pagemod". So I manipulate html in my browser only sending requests to the bondora API too.

Going a bit in detail:

After login in on the API at bondora's website (the plugin never sees your password) you will redirected to a website committed by the app programmer - in my case we stay at bodora but use a non existing site to fill it with own content generated by the plugin itself. So we don't have to worry about cross domain references.

As you can see there are the three main scopes "MyInvestments" "1st Market" "2nd Market", your actual available amount is shown (and can be updated when clicked) and on the very left a field with information about the count of your shares in sell, the page where you are and so on.

MyInvestment section

Here you find all your loans, actual or sold as you chose it. It may last some seconds to load all your loans (I've got any 2500 of it).

 All loans are shown in a table. You can sort it by clicking on the header, do a search by the search bottom or show more details by clicking on a specific row. As you see you can find by one glance the parts in sell (since x days) and what your discount is (y%).

The search field (more or less the same as for 2nd market) helps you to find e.g. all orange loans from Spain that are rescheduled.

This is one of them. On the detail page there are some informations, two links to the "classic bondora" webpages (loan details and this user on 2nd market) and a button to sell this loan (or cancel from resale if it's already  there). Markup is selectable.

For the sold items you can see the result of your investment.

First market

Using API you get prior access to the loans on the first market. You see some information on the right side. If you want more you have to use the blue link to the loan on bondora's website- you can see the loan there although if it's not opened. And you can bid (in the app only).

In every full hour the loans are placed. If it was a small total amount you won't get your bid - portfolio manager (and offers by hand if possible) come first. Until the full hour you can cancel your bit at the MyOffers tab. You can place multiple bids, just wait 1 second before press a button again.

Second market

Will not be for the public because it is a great advantage for me to find attractive loans very easy, buy them and take them back to market at a higher price.
It's risky because you can only get loans for a cheap price that were delayed before. If you can't sell them you may get a lot of junk. But often I earn some 10-20€ a day by day-trading (if I spend a lot of time on my computer).

More options

Here you can remove all your loans from 2nd market and put them back into a minute later with the same markup/discount. Because there are some bugs sometimes at the bondora side of handling and you don't want to loose all the information about loans and discounts there is a backup to localStorage so you can sell them even later again.

Last not least you can enter a csv-list of usernames to cancel from or put into 2nd market as well.

Maybe I will share this advanced plugin with sponsors. But not the 2nd market part.

This was my first blog report in broken English I hope you enjoyed it anyway ;)

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