Donnerstag, 4. Januar 2018

Bondora doesn't treat all lenders equal

Since about two years bondora takes fees from repayments from defaulted loans. From some repayments. In the beginning these fees hat been some 10-15%. No they are 35% or even much more. Or nothing. There is no way for a lender to calculate or even understand those fees.

Two examples:

Borrower BO292912A. He has multiple bondora loans, and we look deeper in two of these.

Loan issued: 19/07/2016, a "C"-loan. Defaulted a year before.
80% of the principal is repaid, a big part of this this week.

It was a 50€-part. Dept servicing cost is very low, some 20%.

Another loan is from 25/11/2014, a "D"-loan. Defaultet 11/2016.

94% repaid.

25€-part. So the principal repaid should be half of the other loan. But it isn't. More: the fee is here much more than 50%!

The reason, so Bondora, is that for the first loans are penalties paid. There are all gone now, by the way. And (even if my contract of this time defines such penalties) bad luck: fees are taken from penalties first.

But even the interst part of the fees is much higher than the other loan almost the same amount for a 25€-part.

Sorry, I don't understand the math. And I don't trust bondoras IT at all.

Another example:

What the f.. ?!
Some parts are completly repaid, others only a very small part. Same loan, same purchase date.
I can't believe it.

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