Sonntag, 27. November 2016

Bondora and IT

I'm very upset. Bondora is once again messing their system up and shows us very user-unfriendly "solutions".

What happened last friday? Without any warning or discussion (as allways) bondora castrated the complete report system. Now you can not see the today's account bookings. Can only download the investment list of one single year. And so on.

People use the report system - I guessed that was the reason it was build for. Now support writes:

"We changed a bit the logic of the reports - all new reports are generated based on yesterday's data. Reports do not include today's data. Please notice the disclaimer in the UI."
Thank you bondora. Why do you do so?

"The reason for the change was to reduce load on the main database server.
We hope for your kind understanding
No. No understanding. If something is used, you change it? What a sick idea is that??
I would understand but I realy miss the word "temporary".

Bondora often changed their UI without reason and against what (some of) their customers want. Without any explaination. So anyone there (maybe Partel) likes cashflow report. But not all investors do.

I would like to have
- a simple page showing me what has happened on my account the last days or if it is to much 24 hours.
- a page I can look on by smartphone
All this data is created and shown in a tiny little block in dashboard. But dashboard on a smartphone?! Bullshit.

Cashflow is a great option and thank you, bondora, for adding a time stamp now. But it is a summary timestamp and not the same as account is. And have you ever uses cashflow page on a smartphone? Horizontal scolling? Lots of rows if you want to see repaiments and 2nd market action? Not usable.

I don't understand why you cannot show both. More acurate:
- build a page the shows only the account statement blog like in dashboard. This should not cause more but much less traffic. And can be coded in 5 min.
- please let us get this content by api as well. Another 15 min to code.

If this would be done, I myself would not need the actual account statement report.

Investment lists for only one year isn't for use at all. If I want to do statistics I don't want to download 4 different parts of a report and put it together by hand. We are not living in the 80th now and server capacity can not be so expensive. You can say only one report a day or even a week and I can life with it. As it is not.

If you build an API you are responsable that it works. I reported a dozend of errors and bugs and sometimes they are fixed.

"We looked into the problem and there is no fast or easy solution. We have to optimize the way we get the data, but this needs quite extensive solution and changing the architecture. We are dealing with this and tryng to implement some fast optimizations, but in long run we have to change the solution to handle the load and ever growing data amounts. Please have patience and we'll figure out a way to make the request faster."
 OK, I will wait. But it seems to be not well tested before going live. And weeks before I didn't have any problems to get my investment list.

 More customers are great and I congratulate bondora for their strong growing the loast months. But more customers need better hardware. Not less functionality.

BTW: this weekend IT is broken anyway. No withdraw possible. Now access by API. Poor performance.Sad.

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